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Officers 2022-23
President   Dave HitchcockPresident-elect  Rob MackenzieTreasurer  Jeanne SosnowSecretary   John ParslowAsst. Secretary  Lon PennaMembership  Dave HitchcockPublic Image / Program   Lois MillsService Projects   Alice MarcusFoundation   Ted O'Hara

Niskayuna Rotary Service Projects and ActivitiesApril 2023

Banda Bola / MalawiKeni Banda
Barbecue Fund raiserCathy Lucas
Big BooksTeresa Dangwa, Lon Penna
Birthday cardsLois Mills
Bright Hope School college credit Elizabeth Zahdan
Carrot FestivalRob Fox
Climate MinuteRob Mackenzie
Climate WarriorsLiz Utzig
Club picnic (s)Dave Hitchcock
Connect by RotaryLon Penna
Cooking / Jack's place Cathy Lucas
Corp mbr recruitLiz Utzig
Crop Walk supportLiz Paul
Doggy Paddle
Environmental Sutainability RAGLon Penna
Every Rotarian Every YearTed O'Hara
Exchange student in Jeanne Sosnow, Lon Penna
Exchange student outLon Penna
Eyeglasses distribRob Fox
Farmer's Market tableLiz P/ Jeanne S
Flowers at Balltown x River RdCathy Lucas
Food Bank, Regional
Food for NigeriaAlice Marcus
Gift of Life
Grant opportunities of the weekTeresa Dangwa
Jokes of the weekRob Fox
KES digital educationFrank Quinn
Heartbeat ClubTeresea Dangwa, Lon Penna
Inspirational message weeklyDon Parsons
Holiday PartyLiz Paul
Holiday Food
Laptops from ElfunLon Penna, John Parslow
Library, Little FreeFrank
Microloans / variousAlice Marcus, Lon Penna
Miracle on Craig Street
MoonCatcher/NigeriaAlice Marcus
Niska DayJeanne Sosnow
Nisky Rowing
OktoberFestDave Hitchcock
Pakistan Flood VictimsLon Penna
Pastor Tee's workTeresa Dangwa
Peace Rotary Action GroupLon Penna
Polio eradication
Radio messagesLon Penna
Sch'dy Schools partnershipCathy Lucas, Lon Penna
Shelter Box
KIVA Small Change for the WorldLon Penna
Solar CookersLon Penna
Solar Panel system, PakistanLon Penna, Frank Quinn
Sustainable Agriculture in GhanaGabriel Ofori-Okai
Thought for the DayLois Mills
Ukraine support / Florin VFlorin Vlad
Victor Foundation / NigeriaAlice Marcus
William Green III Fund administrationLon, Florin, Ted